Luis A. Arce, Web Developer & Software Engineer

About Me

I am Spanish passionate Computer Engineer specialized in Web Development and Software Engineering who is currently living in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Technology and skills

I feel confortable programming both for frontend and backend systems, but I have an special liking for the latter. In this sense, I am more used to programm in Python for server development, but I have also have experience with other languages like PHP or Java EE.

As for frameworks, CMS systems and such, I consider myself very specialized in Django. I have sucessfully implemented solutions based in Drupal, Prestashop and Wordpress.

I am also used to do frontend programming. I am a regular user of the jQuery library, and I have deployed some full-fledged AngularJS projects based on REST APIs designed by me or third-parties. In this scenario I normally test frontend logic using the Karma runner in combination with other support libraries like Chai, Mocha, Proctractor, and Selenim.

I have always had an special liking for architecturing. I consider myself skilled at designing complex architectures to achieve DRY and easy to maintain program structures. I am continuously studing new design patterns to solve common architecturing problems, and I have good intuition for comming with horizontal/lateral solutions to overcome more uncommon ones.

I have lead before small teams using Agile methodologies, more specifically Scrum. My knowledge in this field comes from my interest in the managerial aspects of Software Engineering. Some of the subjects I liked the most in my formal education were related with Software Quality Assurance and Project Management.